Should pubs be used as polling stations?

The Beer O’clock Show took to Twitter this week to find out the final #hopinion of whether pubs should be used as polling stations.

With the General Election happening today, the question comes at a pivotal time to highlight the general consensus on the use of pubs as polling stations.

The Twitter poll concluded that 56% out of 327 people agree that pubs should be used as polling stations. As long as the voting area was in a separate or secure room and controlled properly, many people agreed that they saw no issue with the polling station being held in pubs. Not to mention, this could resolve the issue of people having to travel long distances to their closest polling station and hence encouraging more people to vote if there is no other building available.

However, not everyone agreed. Some people argued that a polling station should be as inclusive as possible, and this may cause issues voting in a place where alcohol is served due to conflicting religious and cultural beliefs. Other concerns raised included the idea that voters could be influenced by the majority political belief of regular pub-goers and therefore were adamant that politics do not belong in the pub.

Although the poll concluded that the majority of people think it would be okay for a pub to host the polling station, the result was relatively close with many arguing against the idea.

So, what do you think? Leave a comment on whether you think pubs should be used as polling stations?