Candice Brown Advocates Apprenticeships


Candice Brown, the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016, has spoken about how she plans to use her platform to promote apprenticeships in the hospitality industry.

Candice attended the Hospitality Apprenticeship Showcase event at the House of Commons last week during National Apprenticeship Week. At the event, speakers highlighted the vast array of career opportunities in the hospitality and brewing sector, and the importance of promoting these opportunities as a viable route for students looking for alternatives to higher education.

Speaking to the Morning Advertiser, Bown said: “I was lucky enough to be part of the Great British Bake Off 2016…giving me a platform and a bit more of an insight into the hospitality sector.

I grew up in pubs, my mum and dad ran pubs for 25 years, so it really is in my blood. More recently, myself and my brother have bought our own pub  and are now running it.”

Before her success as a TV chef, Brown taught PE at a secondary school level, this gave her an insight and understanding that different career options should be promoted to young people. During her time teaching, she was very aware that academics isn’t for everyone.

She said: “…Apprenticeships are an incredible way forward, and apprenticeships in hospitality can give you the chance to learn so many different skills. There are so many different levels of progression and ways that you can learn and achieve. I don’t think there are many other industries where you can do that.

“It is really important to celebrate and promote the importance of apprenticeships in hospitality.”

Brown added: ‘If you have a passion for something and you have an enjoyment for something then you should pursue that. There’s never a never. There’s time to change, you make the wrong decision, you decide that’s not for you, you can change.

“I did that a couple of times. I did that most recently a few years ago when I left a teaching career to pursue a career in hospitality.

“I did have – and do have – an incredible platform but I also work very, very hard and am continually learning.”

She concluded: “So if you have a passion if you have drive and you have ambition, follow that.

“Everybody is different and there are different routes for everybody so do something you love because you spend a lot of your time at your work. So you need to enjoy it and you need to love it.”

Brown is set open her gastropub the Green Man in Eversholt, Bedfordshire, sometime this month.