‘Grow Your Own’ Ingredients Trending in 2019


A recent survey of chefs, business owners, kitchen staff and catering managers has found that ‘grown your own’ ingredients will be the biggest trend in 2019.

Other key findings were:

  • Locally sourced, vegetarian and vegan and traditional home-cooked menus are proving most popular with diners.
  • One in 10 said Jackfruit is their favourite ingredient, showing that Vegetarianism/Veganism is still leading the way.
  • Black fermented garlic and speciality salts were also among the top choices.
  • 55% of chefs are promoting the fact that they are using British ingredients.

So to make your restaurant on point for 2019, you need to start your own vegetable plot, grown your vegan and vegetarian offering, throw in some quirky ingredients and where possible buy British and local!