Stonegate Pub Company puts a taste of genius on the menu 

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Stonegate Pub Company has further enhanced its Albert Theory of Progression (ATOP) with the launch of a new Apprenticeship Programme for back-of-house staff across the country.

The hugely successful and award winningATOP programme, designed to nurture and develop homegrown talent, has seen hundreds of employees progress their careers through structured training. The new 12 month apprenticeship meets the demands of those who aspire tolead and run demanding kitchens. 170 places will be made available each year equipping learners with a Level 3 Senior Production Chef Apprenticeship.

The bespoke programme, developed by Stonegate’s Apprenticeship Manager Jemelle Bish and Rhona Symon, Stonegate’s back-of-house Training Manager who progressed through the company’s career pathway, touches on the areas of leadership, customer, business and people.

Candidates will develop their supervisory leadership skills to enable them to lead their own teams within the workplace as well as learning about the business marketplace and developing sales opportunities. Creating a better understanding of customer needs through profiling alongside personal development around the company brand vision and values will up-skill learners to take on the role of mentor as well as progressing their own careers.

Stonegate CEO, Simon Longbottom said, “The continual development of our Albert’s Theory of Progression enables us to offer a variety of learning choice across the broad range of careers that we offer. Our new Apprenticeship Programme enables our kitchen teams to further their careers through bespoke programmes, tailored to the business needs, as eating out continues to grow.”

The places on the programme are expectedly to be hotly contested. “Assessment centers will be held across the country to ensure we attract those candidates that have the ambition and drive to develop their career through this mix of practical and academic learning,” said Jemelle. “We also aim to offer budding chefs and kitchen managers the opportunity to join our new Albert’s Evolution career development pathway enabling future opportunities to be identified and aimed for.”

Training will be delivered in conjunction with learning partner Remit. CEO Sue Pittock, said: “The Apprenticeship Programme is an exciting step in our partnership with Stonegate. Their commitment to investing in their people is paying dividends with reduced turnover and clear career progression steps.”