Technology Meets Pub: Landlady Launches App That Proves You Don’t Have To Be At The Bar To Buy Drinks In Croydon

The landlady of a Thornton Heath pub has developed and launched an app which lets punters at Croydon pubs pay for a drink using their phones without needing to be at the bar – or even in the venue.

Sheila Gaughan, licensee of The Prince George, in Thornton Heath High Street, hopes her Gr8NiteOut app will help people who can’t make it to gatherings by enabling them to buy a drink for their loved ones without being at the pub themselves.

It also means you can pay for a drink without leaving your seat and get someone else to pick them up – useful if you have mobility issues or you just want your mate to pick up the pints because you’re paying. 

Ms Gaughan said: “The driving force for me has been to design and create an app that benefits both publicans and their consumers; having worked in the industry for a long time and now owning my own pub, I know how to attract and retain customers.

“I also know how to extract money into the till, but it started to dawn on me that we could increase our revenue streams considerably if we could find a 100% safe and reliable way of tapping into the pockets of those that may want to share a great night out without having to be physically present.”

The app works by letting customers buy ‘pub credits’, which are like gift cards and can be spent on food, drinks and accommodation, via PayPal for a 60p charge.

Each pub credit has a unique code which both the pub and customer have, with credits lasting for a month before they are deleted.

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