Mitchells and Butlers aims to offer 2,000 apprenticeships in next 12 months

Mitchells & Butlers is aiming to be able to offer over 2,000 apprenticeships over the next 12 months. The nationwide apprenticeship scheme offers three routes: one-year chef and bar and waiting staff apprenticeships, available for 16 to 24-year-olds, and the Hospitality Management Development Apprenticeship, which is a three-year programme that includes kitchen and front-of-house work experience with a target of progressing into a supervisory role, such as an assistant manager or kitchen manager. This framework gives young people the platform to learn valuable skills from Mitchells & Butlers’ experienced teams, build confidence and gain a professional qualification and have a real opportunity to progress. The company is offering apprentices a credible career pathway and helps the business to harness a pipeline of talent for the future. Vacancies for chef and bar and waiting apprenticeships will be continuously available from Friday, 1 April. There are about 100 Hospitality Management Development Apprenticeships available, which will be open for applicants online from Monday (14 March) to Monday, 11 April. Susan Martindale, group human resources for Mitchells & Butlers, said: “We don’t just want to develop a successful apprenticeship scheme; we want Mitchells & Butlers to offer the best scheme in the hospitality industry. Our schemes provide new job opportunities for school leavers and combine their employment with layers of exceptional tutorage, mentoring and assessment. They work across our portfolio of brands, learn from our experienced teams, gain a professional qualification and have a real opportunity to progress up the ladder. They are the future talent for Mitchells & Butlers and we look forward to the apprentices progressing their career journey with us.”