Pub Chef Passion meets Rachid Messaoudi, the Head Chef at the Parcel Yard

Rachid Messaoudi, Parcel Yard

Rachid Messaoudi like many other restaurant chefs doubted that he would ever work in a pub kitchen, as he believed that restaurants were superior in working with organic ingredients to craft delicious dishes from fresh.

Following years of experience working in an array of London restaurants including Quaglino’s, Paternoster Chop House, The Living Room on Heddon Street, and the Bumpkin restaurant. Rachid worked his way up the career ladder learning intricate kitchen skills from his peers. Rachid’s misconceptions were soon dispelled when he later started working in a Fuller’s pub kitchen.

Rachid who is from a family of chefs, is currently the esteemed Head Chef of the Parcel Yard, in King’s Cross Station, managing a large kitchen team.

“Experiencing every role in the kitchen has hugely benefited my career. I have worked at each station, as a Commis Chef, Chef de Partie and Sous Chef, which has resulted in extensive knowledge in working with pastry, fish and meat. My career has taught me to master a countless number of recipes, how to respect food, and how to work with the best produce,” said Rachid.

Rachid highlighted the camaraderie amongst chefs and is appreciative towards his fellow chefs who have taken their time to teach him sophisticated kitchen skills. He said, “I take great pleasure from imparting the knowledge that I have built up over many years, to those who are passionate about food and are keen to learn and progress a serious career in the kitchen.”

Rachid has the freedom to craft the dishes, which feature upon the Parcel Yard’s menu, as Fuller’s champions the use of fresh food and menu innovation across all of its pubs.

“In the Parcel Yard, the menu is freshly produced. Everything from sauces to desserts are produced in the pub kitchen, as I design my own menu taking influence from my experience, my peers, and seasonality,” said Rachid. Fuller’s operate an intranet site where all chefs share recipes to inspire different menus seasonally. More so, Fuller’s offer chefs the opportunity to develop their careers, and take the next step through internal development courses. The chefs on the six-month course spend a series of ten-hour shifts with an assortment of Head Chefs in order to learn speciality dishes.

Rachid explained that he often teaches his speciality, the elegant Gateau Opera, which is an almond sponge cake with a coffee and chocolate filling and icing which requires a particular level of skill and attention to detail.

Gateau Opera, Rachid Messaoudi , Pub Chef Passion

“It is vital for trainee chefs to take their career in the kitchen seriously. Young chefs can develop each skillset fully to ensure that they can achieve a wholesome menu design, with a high quality starter and main course, sandwich options and a dessert, later on in their career.

“Being a chef is about cooking and getting involved in the kitchen. I work closely with my kitchen team to motivate them and ensure that they take pride in their work. We all respect each other in the kitchen,” said Rachid.

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