Seafood Pub Company work with college chefs

 Seafood Pub Company

Students at the Nelson and Colne College’s School of Culinary Arts welcomed Executive Chef Antony Shirley, and the award-winning team from the Seafood Pub Company, into the kitchen last week.

The Seafood Pub Company, who are famed for sourcing the finest quality produce from sea and shore, partnered with the college’s enthusiastic young chefs, on the lookout for the future talent of their business.

Together the professional chefs and students, ran the service for a week at the college’s Farringtons restaurant, serving over 400 customers.

“Staff at Nelson and Colne College do a fantastic job teaching their students the skills needed to be a success in the hospitality industry and it is great for us to have the opportunity to work with them at this early stage to show them how we work, said Antony Shirley.

“Spending time working alongside the students and finding out which areas of cooking interest them is better than any job interview and helps us to employ the highest quality staff for our business.

“With our seventh site opening in Ormskirk this Easter, we are always on the lookout for the best young talent – both in the kitchen and front of house.”

“It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their skills and knowledge to a potential employer,” said Curriculum Leader for Catering and Hospitality, Jason Benn. “Last year the Seafood Pub Company took on five apprentices as a result of the pop up restaurant and that was a great incentive for this year’s students to work hard throughout the week to impress the team and hopefully secure themselves an apprenticeship with a supportive and growing employer in the hospitality industry.”

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