Raymond Blanc’s pub concept champions chef talent

Raymond Blanc’s, acclaimed pub concept the White Brasserie Co, offers traditional English pubs with a French brasserie twist, and their chef talent has been championed at the recent Propel Multi Club Conference.

The premium pubs are attracting a younger audience, with their food offer that is cooked to order using seasonal and fresh ingredients. The Executive Chef, Clive Fretwell, trains the skilled chefs.

Speaking about how the company trains and retains their chef talent, Chief Executive Mark Derry said, “We are very French and we’re trying to leverage our founder Raymond Blanc’s skill base and develop the idea of the family of Blanc

“We have 200 chefs working in a business with 25 outlets. So we’ve got a very high skill base and we‘re trying to highlight the fact that, amongst all the operators out there we really are doing everything from scratch – even our own stocks and pickles – when customers think, to be frank, everybody does that.”

The White Brasserie Co has found success operating in the pub industry and has announced plans to open over twenty more pubs within the next four to five years. The pubs will offer the same menu as Brasserie Blanc, and a range of drinks.